By-Elections 2015

Anyone can run in our elections and it’s a great way to get involved with the Students’ Union.
This October we will be running our By-Elections to fill our team called The Executive Committee, who along with the Sabbaticals, will make important decisions in how the organisation is run.
We have many roles and committees through which you can get involved.

Key Dates
  • Nominations close - Friday 16th 12pm (Midday)
  • Manifestos need to be in by - Monday 19th 12pm (Midday)
  • Campaigning Starts - Monday 19th 9am
  • Voting open - Tuesday 20th 10am and closes Thursday 22nd 11:59pm
  • Results Annouced Online - Friday 23rd 2pm
Nominations are open now simply fill out this nominations form.
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The positions open for election are:

College Council Rep

  • College Council is the highest decision making body of the University, so it's a very important forum for student opinions to be heard.
  • We only have 2 positions on this body so it's a very unique experience for students.
  • It will require attendance for around 6 meetings a year, and possibly so ad hoc meeting as needed.

Union Chair

  • This Role will be key to how the Students' Union democratic procedures are run. 
  • They will work on updating and enacting the Union's Constitution.
  • Work with the Student Activities Department to ensure that new constitutions and amendments to constitutions of clubs and societies are correct and comply with the Constitution.
  • Shall chair the Executive Committee and General Meeting. 

First Year Representative

  • Work with the Sabbatical Officers to promote interests of first year students.
  • Assist Hall reps in running events and activities for first years to get more out of their time here.
  • Lead on work for the SU relating to first years and promoting a community for them on campus.

Postgraduate Students’ Officer

  • Shall work with the Co-President (Welfare and Diversity) in promoting the needs of postgraduate students in the College.
  • Work with the Academic Affairs Officer in order to work on issues affecting PG students and their education here at the College.
  • Work on ensuring that the welfare of Postgraduate students is effectively looked after and managed by the Students’ Union and College.

Orbital Editor

  • Coordinate the publication of Orbital
  • Lead Orbital board and support its members
  • Organise promotion and distribution or Orbital

Orbital Deputy Editor

  • Assist in the running of Orbital publications
  • Represent Orbital and its interests whenever the Editor is unavailable.

Steering Committee x2

  • This Role will oversee the Unions democracy and give guidance on how it is run.
  • Assist the process of holding officers to account.
  • Assit the Union Chair in running the Union General Meetings.
  • Work with Union Chair and Council Chairs to make sure all democratic structures and events run effectively.

Design Coordinator (Welfare Committee)

  • Design posters, events and facebook banners with the SU Marketing Department to promote Welfare Committee work
  • Liaise with the three Media outlets: Rhubarb TV, Insanity Radio and The Orbital.
  • Work with the Welfare Committee to promote Welfare Campaigns.
  • Promote the Welfare and Support Services available to students.
  • Promote the interests of Welfare Campaigns at General Meetings.

NUS Delegates

  • This role will be the SU's representatives to the NUS National Conference
  • NUS Delegates shall represent the Students’ Union at conferences by using their votes and rights of speech for the needs of SURHUL members. 
  • The NUS Delegation shall meet regularly in advance of each conference to discuss items on the agenda, and seek appropriate feedback from the Executive Committee.
  • The NUS Delegation shall give a report to the General Meeting after each conference attended outlining the course of events at each conference.
  • The NUS Delegation shall take an active role throughout the compositing (official preparation) of motions for National Conference, Extraordinary Conferences, and Regional Conferences.

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