Postgraduate life can be more demanding than life as an undergrad. The many hours required for studying may leave you feeling as though you have less time on your hands for other areas of university life. Your Students' Union is here to help you make your time at Royal Holloway as enjoyable as possible.

The Students' Union offers a whole range of services, support and advice for Postgraduates, as well as a wide range of social events.  Pop into your Students' Union today and see what it can offer you or e-mail the Postgraduate Student Officer at

The National Postgraduate Committee (NPC) is the representative body established to support postgraduate students. Working closely with the NUS, NPC supports postgraduate students, student officers, and institutions in recognising the postgraduate viewpoint and seeking to enhance the postgraduate experience. NPC activities include supporting individual students in complaints and appeals, representing postgraduate students nationally and regionally, promoting postgraduate viewpoints to and ensuring they are discussed by policy makers, and supporting campaigns such as those opposing visa fee extensions and PGCE fees.  The relevant forms and affiliation information, as well as other details about the work of the NPC can be found online at

Many mature students have met others and found out about events being organised for Mature students via Facebook.


Other sources of information and support: