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Climate change, energy supply and affordability, biodiversity, population growth and reduction in global resources will impact on everyone's future. Your Students’ Union is committed to representing your interests both inside and outside the lecture room. One of your SU’s main priorities is to ensure we share a campus that is environmentally responsible in all our activities, initiatives and day to day business.

To support this commitment to sustainability, your SU General Meeting approved the Ethics and Environmental Policy (revised in 2014). This policy is designed to help the Students’ Union achieve more sustainable and responsible practices. In addition, we have and Ethics and Environment Officer, a role which was created to ensure decisions and practices of your SU are environmentally sound and socially ethical.

In addition, your SU takes part annually in Green Impact (an environmental accreditation and awards scheme, bringing staff and students together with their wider communities to enable and showcase positive changes in environmental practice). Green Impact supports student, officers and staff within Students' Unions to make simple, tangible and powerful changes in behaviour and policy through an online workbook of criteria. From recycling, to investing in more efficient equipment, to encouraging biodiversity, or Fairtrade, the various criteria cover a broad range of issues under the sustainability umbrella, all tailored to an individual institution to cover local policy and processes, including links to online resources, relevant policies, schemes and events.

Your SU currently has gold accreditation status and we are working hard to ensure our initiatives and procedures reflect best practice in this field. 

You can see our impacts and initiatives here.

You can learn more about the work of Green Impact here.  You can also learn more about College sustainability developments here.  There are always other great ways for you to get involved in recycling, re-using and sharing and we have posted just a few of these below.

We also want students to take part in Snap It Off! Simply take a photo of places where light have been left on unnescsarilly and them up load them to the NUS Snap it Off website. There are los of competitions that run along side it, so you could win. 

Freegle is a network of local groups where you can give stuff away when you want to get rid of it – but don’t want to throw it away because it still has some useful life left in it. Or if there’s something you’d like, perhaps someone has just what you need that they don’t want anymore.

Recycle Now help to increase recycling at home, work and school by raising awareness and promoting responsible waste management. On this site you will find advice on how you can increase recycling and find out why it is important - Recycle Now! 

We can recycle the following:

For more information regarding recycling and waste disposal around campus please see the College website.

Interested in swapping skills and sharing resources locally? Then try...

Ecomodo is a relatively new online resource that encourages neighbours to get together and share skills, tools, spaces and other resources.

It’s a great way to advertise tools and resources you have on offer.

You can register and start posting things you have available to lend here.