Student Opportunities

What's it all about?

The Student Opportunities team runs 150+ Sports Clubs, Societies and Media Outlets, providing a range of extra-curricular activities for you to get involved with during your time at Royal Holloway.

Whether you're a slam dunker, try scorer, martial artist, nerf-gun blaster, actor, artist or budding journalist, there’s something for everyone!


Our 30+ clubs offer recreational, to competitive and performance-focused sports opportunities. 

Active lifestyles are key to staying fit and healthy, and we work closely with Royal Holloway Sport to provide you with the best support and facilities at all levels.


Our 80 societies have interests ranging from the Performing Arts to Politics & Ideology, from Cultural & International to Faith & Religion. 

Perhaps you'd like to try your hand at Ballroom and Latin dancing, learn to speak Italian or join the hordes of Humans and Zombies who take over campus once a term?

All our societies provide opportunities to make new friends and have fun outside of your studies.


The Students’ Union runs three Media Outlets covering print, FM radio, and TV which operate out of the Media Suite (upstairs in the SU building).

All content is student-led meaning there is a huge range of opportunities for budding journalists, presenters, editors, and producers.

How do I get involved?


How much is it?

£12 for a year, £21 for two years or £30 for three. All of this fee is reinvested into the activity groups, covering insurance, affiliation fees, administration, and providing training courses and other personal development opportunities.

What do I get for that?

  • It allows you to join as many clubs, societies or media outlets as you wish
  • Free insurance cover from Endsleigh
  • Your membership fee is used to support the clubs, societies and media outlets you are a part of.

How is the membership used to support our student groups?

  • Purchase of equipment where applicable
  • Administration support: rooms/sports facility bookings etc.
  • Health & Safety provision i.e. first aid training etc.

How much do I pay per Society/Club/Media Outlet?

It costs between £3-£7 to join every Society/Media Outlet and all of that money goes directly into the student group (not to the Students’ Union), so that it can be spent on benefits for its members. It is at the committee’s discretion how their income from membership is spent.

The cost to join Sports Clubs can vary, depending on the tier fee, but no matter what the cost all the money goes directly to the club, to buy equipment, pay for pitches or pay for kit.

Second, you need to decide which Sports Clubs, Societies and Media Outlets you'd like to join. Visit the individual activity pages, look at what have to offer, and then add the memberships to your basket. And if you can't find something you'd like to be a part of then you can always think about starting your own.

Who's in charge?

Our Sports Clubs and Societies are run by committees of students who are elected on an annual basis by their members, with the Heads of the Media Outlets appointed following cross-campus elections. The committees (or boards in the case of the Media Outlets) oversee the day-to-day running of meetings, training, classes, fixtures, rehearsals, etc. and organise events, trips, competitions and guest speaker forums. They also organise socials, volunteering opportunities and charity fundraising through RAG.

The Student Opportunities team oversees all the committees, and provides support through funding, legal advice, training and guidance, room bookings, negotiating use of performance spaces, liasing with sports facilities, hiring of coaches and qualified instructors, ensuring health and safety guidelines are adhered to, etc.

Student Opportunities

  • Student Opportunities Membership 1 Year£12.00
  • Student Opportunities Membership 2 Year£21.00
  • Student Opportunities Membership 3 Year£30.00