Financial Guidance

What should I expect to pay?

The Tenant Fees Bill passed on 1 June 2019 stops landlords and letting agents from charging most fees that were considered standard fees before. See the government guidance for tenants here.

Key financial info

As a student you may have access to different sources of income, but it's always best to monitor how you are using it. You can come and see us to help budget for the year ahead, especially when you consider signing for a new house. Often students use their last loan payment to help fund deposits and fees when signing; this is useful, but remember that you may have other costs at this time. If you need to find part-time work to help then please look at our jobs page or come and see us.

Funding your deposit

Some of the sources you can use are:

  • Grants available
  • Loans available
  • Student accounts/overdrafts/loans
  • Finding a job