Where To Look


There are many places you can look for accommodation and RHSU has set up a platform to make it better and easier for both students and landlords. You can visit HouseSearch to look directly at landlords’ properties and avoid the confusion of navigating local lettings agencies.

Letting Agencies

There are lots of letting agencies that you can use to look for housing in the local area - we’ve included a list below that’ll give you a handful of options, but please bear in mind that it is in no way exhaustive. We cannot guarantee the service that you will receive or the quality of any of the houses you can rent, but we do try to work with all on the list to make sure they are good quality and provide a great service to students.

Other Places

There can be many other places that you find out about free rooms or accommodation. If you are ever unsure of an offer/property then come and see us at the Advice Centre as we can help to assess the offer. Sometimes it's important to remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.