Student Rights

The Students' Union is here to represent your academic interests and improve your education. A key part of this relies on you, as students, being aware of your rights and what you should expect from your academic experience.

Over the course of this year, your Vice President Education Kate Roberts is posting a mini-series of blogs all about this, ensuring you have all the tools you need to successfully complete your studies.

Personal Tutors

Your personal tutor is there to support you throughout your university journey, but what exactly does that include and what happens if things aren't working out? All that and more is covered in this quick five minute read.

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Using The Library

Did you know every student is given £10 per academic term as printing credit? Or that you can request for books to be brought in using the inter-library system? We go into detail about pretty much all the services you can access and more in this blog.

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In this article, Kate will let you know about both your requirements to attend, the steps you can take if you are unable to meet this, and your rights around your attendance.

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Extensions are there for you as students when something unexpected happens. This blog gives you the lowdown on extensions, when you should apply for one and how you can request them.

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Misconduct Panels

An academic misconduct panel is a meeting held if you have been accused of an assessment offence, whether through accident or not. Find out what constitutes an assessment offence and how you can avoid plagiarism when you submit your work.

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Is your feedback constructive, clear about your academic performance and being returned within a 20 working day period? If the answer to any of those questions is no, we're here to help!

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Available if you are unable to sit exams under standard examination conditions, due to a disability or another condition, EAAs allow you to perform to your best ability in an exam without compromising academic standards.

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