Alcohol Impact

NUS alcohol impact accredited


College and Students' Union statement about responsible alcohol consumption


We recognise some students will choose to drink socially but we ask you to drink responsibly and to consider the health and social impact of alcohol consumption. If you choose to drink alcohol have you considered…?

  • Drinking excessively or binge drinking can leading to health problems, injuries, increase the risk of you being a victim or perpetrator of crime and impact on your academic performance? 
  • Be aware that the effect of alcohol on you depends on your age, sex, size, weight, how fast you've been drinking, how much you've eaten, your general health and other drugs you might have taken.
  • If you drink regularly, your body can build up a tolerance to alcohol and that is why it's important to take regular breaks from drinking.  Have regular alcohol free days to see what positive results you notice.
  • You should not regularly exceed 2-3 units a day if you are female and 3-4 units per day in you are male as this will lead to longer-term damage to your health, wellbeing, achievement and social life. 

We are happy to discuss any of these issues with students at any time to allow you to make informed decisions about your alcohol consumption. 

If you are worried about your or a friend's use of alcohol, are feeling pressurised into drinking by others or wish to seek advice please contact us at or

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 Alcohol Impact

The University and Students' Union have demonstrated our commitment to providing students with a safe and responsible social life on campus by being part of the NUS Alcohol Impact programme backed by the Home Office.

Along with other universities, Royal Holloway will set an example for responsible drinking at university; further ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our students. The programme, which is being championed by the SU, aims to have a positive impact on student health, wellbeing and safety by encouraging and raising awareness of responsible drinking. As well as new ideas the University will continue its pre-existing commitments, such as refusal of entry/sales to intoxicated customers, the Union Bus service and alcohol awareness education.

NUS alcohol impact certificate ceremony

The SU and University are delighted to have been successfully accredited by the NUS with an audit score of 93% (1 April 2015) and accreditation awarded at a celebration event held at the Home Office.

Head of Student Wellbeing Helen Groenendaal said: "Our wish is to support students throughout their time at university by helping them recognise the variety of social options available and allowing them to make informed choices. The health risks linked to alcohol are well documented so we want to make students more aware of the impact irresponsible drinking can have on their academic studies, their friendship groups and their general health.  We also want to highlight the fact that alcohol consumption can lead to students being more likely to be victims of crime."

The project has enabled the NUS and Home Office to develop an accreditation mark for responsible alcohol policy and practice while supporting the social norm of responsible behaviour among students.