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Student Group Elections

Nominations for student group elections will be open on 27 February. In the meantime, have a read through the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can non paid up members nominate themselves and vote?

Only paid up ordinary members of your society can vote in these elections. Associate members and members who haven't paid their membership fees cannot vote in these elections and will not be eligible to stand. Any committee members who have not paid their membership fees yet will not be able to renominate themselves or vote in these elections.

How do I nominate myself?

When nominations open you'll be able to nominate yourself on your group's webpage by logging into your student account. You'll have the option of uploading a manifesto and a photo, which must be done before nominations close.

Can I run in more than one role?

You can run in as many roles as you like. However, you can only win one role in each group - if you win multiple roles in a group you will be placed in the one with the highest priority according to this list: President > Vice President > Treasurer > Secretary > all other roles (we'll ask you your preferred role in any roles that aren't the big four).

How do I change the roles on my committee?

Fill out this form - Committee changes must be requested by 13 February.

How do we run a hustings?

A hustings guide will be sent out on the 13 February. We advise that hustings are run either before or during nominations week, but it's up to your group to select the date. Hustings are not mandatory but are recommended. Members will be able to stand even if they don't attend.

What happens if I'm currently on a year abroad?

Drop an email to and we'll enable you to run in your groups election if you're currently on a year abroad or otherwise returning to campus next year.

What happens in the case of a tie?

The SO department will flip a coin to resolve all tied votes.

Can I share a role with someone else?

We need to know about any committee roles which multiple people can win before the start of the election. You cannot run on a slate (where two people run together). Instead these positions will be filled by the members with the highest votes equal to the number of positions available - essentially, you need to run separately and both get the highest votes if you want to work together.