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Candidates Hub

Welcome to the candidate hub. Here you’ll find a whole host of useful documents and guides to help you to understand the elections process and how to organise and run a successful campaign. Alternatively, you can contact our Student Voice team and arrange a time to pop in and have a chat. The team have been involved (and even successfully run) in many elections and are more than happy to share their wealth of knowledge with you. You can also talk to any of the current sabbatical officers about their experience when running last year.

You can contact the Student Voice team via email at or by visiting the Union Helpdesk between 9-5, Monday to Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that the elections can throw up a number of questions for both candidates and students. If your question isn’t answered below your first point of contact should be the Assistant Returning Officer, Dan Curran, who can be contacted via email or in person in the Students’ Union building.

To ensure the elections are free and fair, the Students’ Union Chief Executive, Tom Flynn, and a member of staff from NUS, Peter Robertson, oversee proceedings.

For clarity, the Deputy Returning Officer is Tom Flynn and the Returning Officer is Peter Robertson.

Don't you have to be in your final year to stand as a sabbatical officer?

Any member, at any point during their studies, can stand to be a full-time sabbatical officer.

Don't only sports people win elections?

No - lots of people who win elections don’t come from a sports team. An example of this is our current President, Education and Campaigns, Natasha Barrett, who was never part of a sports team at the College.

Aren't elections just a popularity contest at the end of the day?

That depends what you mean by popularity. Obviously the most popular candidate wins, but that popularity could come from their policies or from an interesting and engaging campaign – it isn’t as simple as being an extrovert that knows 1000 students by name.

Do the other candidates stand a chance against an incumbent?

Every candidate stands a chance; just because the incumbent won one election doesn’t mean they will win another, especially if students don’t think they have done a good job.

I've seen someone covering up campaign posters, what can I do?

Firstly, posters are not the be all and end all of elections and if a candidate’s primary concern is posters then maybe they need to refocus their priorities. However, if you have any concerns you can contact the Assistant Returning Officer who will be able to advise you of the best way forward.

What do we mean by 'allowing students to cast their votes in private'?

We understand that candidates would want to make the process of voting easy and simple. However, they have to make sure that each person has the chance to vote for whoever they want. If they are allowing someone to use their tablet or laptop then they need to make sure they don’t cast the vote for them. Giving them a chance to sit down is a great way of making sure they have enough space and privacy.

Can candidates use their own laptop or tablet to let people vote on?

Candidates can let people use their own device, however they have to make sure that people have a safe space to cast their vote and they don’t do it on a student’s behalf. We will have ballot stations set up across campus for people to cast their votes.

Where can people vote?

Voting is open from 10:00 8 March through to 16:00 10 March and all votes are cast online through the Students’ Union website.

What is the process if someone can't access the voting system?

First of all they need to check that they are a member of the Students’ Union. They can look through the logging in guide here if they are having problems, or contact the Assistant Returning Officer.