Wednesday 14 March 2018

13:00 - 15:00

The Packhorse, Meeting Room 1

Victim Support Drop In Session

Victim Support are an independent charity that offer free and confidential advice to individuals that have been the victim of a crime (including sexual assault or harassment), giving people the emotional and practical help they need to recover from the impact of crime.

A female case worker will be coming to Royal Holloway to offer a confidential drop-in service to any student who has experienced a crime of any nature. They will be able to offer and advice and support and assign a case worker to you if you would like ongoing support.

The session will be taking place in The Packhorse Meeting Room 1 (upstairs in The Packhorse). There is a separate entrance to the pub at the rear so you don’t have to walk through it in order to access the rooms, and Meeting Room 2 has been booked for you to wait in if the case worker is busy.

Due to the nature of the cases people usually come to the case workers with, there aren’t time slots, as individuals may wish to speak for an extended amount of time and the case worker is reluctant to cut people off because of strict booking schedules.

Whilst all possible measures have been taken to try to protect the anonymity of students accessing the service, due to the nature of the space, we cannot guarantee that you will not be seen entering the pub or in the waiting room if others are also waiting. However, you can self-refer to victim support at any time by calling 08 08 16 89 111 if you would rather.

Please note that if you request to be referred to a case worker for ongoing support then Victim Support will need to take personal details including your name and phone number. These will not be shared to anyone at the University or Union. To find out more about Victim Support visit