Sunday 29 September 2019

13:00 - 15:00

Sports Centre

Colour Run

Whether you run, walk or jog, you'll be covered in paint by the time you finish, and you're guaranteed to have a laugh getting covered in colourful paints on the way round too!

Your ticket includes a t-shirt and pack of paint which you can either throw over yourself or your friends. Sunglasses are also included in the cost of your ticket, to add to your colour burst and keep the paint away from your eyes!

The course will be roughly 3.5km all across campus with different inclines, terrains and steps. We will also provide free drinks as well as snacks after the event. Please wear appropriate footwear and take care on the route.

This is in an alcohol-free event and is part of Give It A Go and the Does You Good campaign. We are also teaming up with Hindu Society who will be giving out some amazing prizes to runners at the finish line!

Ticket information

£7 Advance

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