Friday 29 November 2019

22:00 - 02:00


Reggaeton Night

After a succesful event last month, Reggaeton is back as we continue our weekly celebration of culture at Medicine!

With roots in Panama and Puerto Rico, the genre is influenced by American hip hop, Latin American, and Caribbean music.

You'll find hooks repeated through the songs with a combination of rapping and singing in ‘Spanglish’ - a mix of Spanish and English. It often mixes bomba, plena, reggae and Jamaican dancehall and has a percussive beat referred to as ‘dembow’. Even though it borrows different features from other music genre, the sound is still unique with a definitive ‘boom-ch-boom- chick’ sound. 

Expect drum beats and a generally fast rhythm that will keep you jammin' until the early hours.

Ticket information

Free entry before 11pm

£3 after 11pm

Signing in a guest

Guests need to be signed in at any of the following locations and times:

On the door - 22:00 onwards

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Alcohol Impact Survey - Win £100

Each year the National Union of Students (NUS) conducts a national survey on alcohol use within universities. This survey helps them, and subsequently the Students' Union, to better understand students' drinking habits. As a result, we can improve what services and safeguarding we are providing to students.

This year the survey forms part of a wider look into how the SU and College approach alcohol and we are looking into ways to improve the range of non-alcoholic drinks on offer at our venues.

The survey is open until Sunday 8 December and you could win £100 just for taking part!

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As always, we encourage you to drink responsibly at home and in our venues, see here for more information from Drinkaware.