Thursday 05 March 2020

18:30 - 19:30

Windsor 0-04


£2.00 (Refundable Deposit)

CPR Training - How To Save A Life

You're walking down a quiet road, when you see a person on the floor. You've discovered they don't have a pulse. What do you do?

The British Heart Foundation will be here showing you exactly how to perform CPR and potentially save someone's life. You never know when you might need this skill, so it's a fantastic opportunity that you shouldn't miss! 

The British Heart Foundation will also be giving you some information on how you can get involved as a volunteer with them. 


There's a £2 refundable deposit on this event. Once you've attended the event, your deposit will be refunded to you. 

Spaces are limited so please only book if you are definitely going to attend!