Another de-lightful addition to the SU main hall

We’re excited to announce that we’ve invested over £15,000 in the Union Venue’s lighting grid during the summer to bring the internal lighting for club nights and events up to industry standard.

With over 22 new fixtures of moving heads, beams and more, the new lighting will deliver a much more engaging and visual experience across the wide range of activity that takes place in the venue.


As ever we’re keen to recycle as much of the old parts as possible and will be repurposing a number of these to offer a more ‘festival feel’ to certain events. It's also great for all of our societies that put on production shows throughout the year. They can make use of the new lights to increase the production value of their shows.


In conjunction with the new outside space featuring stylish outdoor lighting, music and increased space,  we’re looking forward to expanding the type of events on offer throughout the year with a more dynamic and enhanced experience than ever before.

If you have any feedback or ideas you would like to forward to us regarding this project, please get in touch. You can reach us on Facebook, Twitter or via email.