You said, we did: a big update on the Union Shop

The new Union Shop will be ready for Freshers’ Festival, opening on Monday 11 September at midday. This is to give us time to stock the chilled food on the shelves ahead of you all arriving on campus for the new term.

Unfortunately the arrival of a new shop does mean changes for the old store by The Hub and it is due to close on Friday 3 November at 5pm. This is to allow a number of essential department office moves to take place across the College while key building undergo refurbishment.

With a new shop comes an opportunity to listen to the feedback we’ve received from you about what you want to see from the Union Shop and make a range of awesome additions and changes to how we operate.

Longer opening hours

We understand that you might need to make that last-minute shop visit just before a night out or you need to buy some paper before your 9am lecture. Well now, all that is possible and more, as the opening hours are being extended to 8am – 11pm, every day of the week, in and out of term.

It’s 2.5 times bigger

With more room, you can have a much more comfortable shopping experience and we can fit more stock into the shop! No more crowds by the meal-deal area at lunchtimes.

Larger range of all items

From the different brands of chocolate all the way to the types of bread you can choose, we’re now featuring a larger range of all the items we sell.

Fresh meat, fresh vegetables and chilled ready meals

You won’t need to journey to Egham to get your groceries anymore. We’re selling high-quality fresh meat, vegetables and groceries for you to pack into your afternoon and evening meals. Too lazy? Don’t worry, we have a range of ready meals waiting for you too.

Lettuce introduce vegetarian, vegan and free-from foods

We know how hard it is to find vegetarian, vegan and free-from options in a lot of stores. So we decided to put an area solely dedicated to the finest vegan and free-from cuisine in the Union Shop.

More Co-op Budget Lines

We want to make sure you don’t break your student banks while shopping at the Union Shop. So we’re including more Co-op budget items, featuring all the essentials you need at a low price.

A dynamic duo of meal deals

Whether you’re feeling something a bit fancy for your lunch, or you want something cheap before pay-day, we’re now offering two meal deals for you to choose from: budget or premium.

The budget meal deal for a modest price of £2.49 includes either a budget-range sandwich or savoury, one snack and a drink. The premium meal deal for only £3.29 allows you to choose from either a premium-range sandwich, salad, pasta or sushi, and it includes a snack and a drink. Not bad right?

All Royal Holloway clothing will now be stocked

Looking to kit yourself out in the University’s clothing but want to try it out first? Look no further, the Royal Holloway branded apparel will now be available in the Union Shop.

Sanitary products will continue to be tax-free

We still don’t agree with the 5% VAT on sanitary products, we think it’s unfair. So as we’ve always done, we’re going to continue paying the VAT costs so you don’t have to.

Did someone say Krispy Kreme doughnuts?!

Since we adough you guys, we're making sure you get a chance to snack on more hole foods. By hole (we promise that’s the last pun) foods, we mean doughnuts. Yes, that's right, we're installing a Krispy Kreme stand in the Union Shop.

We’re prepared for lunch times too

We’ve learned that lunch-time is our busiest time period. So this time, we’ve prepared for it by making sure there is an extra till available to ease the pressure.

We would love to continue receiving any feedback or ideas you have regarding the Union Shop so please get in touch. You can reach us on FacebookTwitter or via email.