Academic Misconduct - don’t get caught out!

Following a surge in academic misconduct cases this academic year and with exam season approaching, VP Education is launching a campaign to ensure you know how to avoid falling foul of the rules.

With exam season (commencing 26 April) around the corner, the Students' Union is here to support you in any way possible during this stressful and difficult period.

Due to the large rise in the number of academic misconduct cases this academic year, we’re here for you, to try and make sure you don’t get penalised and are clued up on the do’s and don’ts of alternative assessments. There are some tough penalties for academic misconduct and it is something all universities take very seriously, so next week we’ll be running a campaign to educate, enquire and engage, so you can achieve your goals without any nasty surprises! Academic misconduct can take many different forms, so keep an eye out for all the top tips on how to avoid it.

Why should I care? It won’t happen to me surely…?

In 2019/20, between September – April, the College investigated 311 cases of academic misconduct. In comparison, this academic year has seen a 98.7% increase in cases, with 618 students being investigated! Maintaining academic integrity is taken so seriously, not only across universities but in the working world – don’t let silly mistakes or not knowing how to avoid it bring you down!

The majority of students don’t intentionally commit academic misconduct. Much of the time it is down to incorrect referencing or not understanding what is and is not allowed (especially with the change of format in exams).

What will the campaign include?

  • What is academic misconduct and what counts as misconduct?
  • What constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it? Signposting to sessions that you can attend for last-minute help
  • How to reference effectively and where to find help and support on referencing
  • Do’s and Don’ts of alternative assessments
  • What to do if you are flagged for academic misconduct
  • Top tips for tackling alternative assessments

I have teamed up with the SU Advice Centre to bring you a mix of blogs, videos, quizzes and polls for the week. Keep an eye out on the SU website for the latest published blogs and make sure you’re following @SURHUL and @rRHSUEducation on Instagram for the whole campaign!

Best of luck to everyone starting exams next week - remember that you have worked hard throughout the year and you are more than prepared to tackle anything that comes your way!