Ain't Nobody Got Time For Tax: Delivering Your Letters

On the 20 March, we presented Runnymede Borough Council with 157 letters from students in protest of unfair council tax for final year students. This is a tax being charged to students from the end of their contact hours, up until the end of their tenancy, usually when students are unemployed, about to graduate, and are searching for jobs.

We believe that being presented with hundreds of pounds in tax which they can’t afford, or a court summons is unacceptable for students at such a crucial turning point in their lives.

This is why we want to negotiate with the local council, to advocate for your rights as both students, and as individuals preparing to enter the working world. We hope that these letters will be read and carefully considered by their recipients, and that the outcome is one favourable to everyone.


Watch the video here

Why Did We Send The Letters?

At the end of your final year, from the end of your last contact hour, until your tenancy ends, the council will charge you council tax. As laid out in the Local Government Finance Act 1992, students are considered exempt from council tax.

This is due to the fact that whilst you may be independent, it is unlikely that you will be earning a salary, and would therefore be unable to afford the charges. We believe that this exemption should apply throughout your time at Royal Holloway, right up until you leave us, which is why we are fighting this decision.

What Can I Do?

You can still send letters to the council! Simply use and sign our template (you’ll need to add your address to the top right hand corner), send your letter to the address below and wait for a response! The more letters that are sent, the stronger our collective voice becomes.

Mr Nick Prescot

Runnymede Civic Centre

Station Road


KT15 2AH