BUCS Round-Up - 30/10/19

Halloween provided the backdrop for this week's BUCS fixtures and VP Sport Dom Brown is here to give you the lowdown on the spooktacular performances of our Bears.

This week provided us with a spooky set of fixtures to dive in to with a number of teams braving the chill and dark evenings. I apologise in advance for my attempts to make this Halloween themed…

We start with Lacrosse Men’s 1sts who mummified their Kingston counterparts with a convincing 12-2 win. Great work from the boys! On Nobles, Men’s Football 1sts sent Brighton 4ths to the coffin as they ran out 3-1 victors in an open game.

Netball 1sts playing at home and Netball 2nds playing away made their oppositions look like zombies with both teams earning victories for their club. The 2nds cruised to victory at Brunel 4ths, bringing back a 35-23 win. The girls played so well the other team may as well have been using a pumpkin for a netball. The 1sts game was far closer and could have gone either way, but in the end the girls stood strong to come out the right side of a 39-37 victory.

Broomsticks or Hockey sticks? Either way, the Holloway Women’s 1sts glided around the Chichester astro with ease as they kept a clean sheet away from home whilst scoring two goals to secure victory.

In Tennis, the Women’s 1sts stood firm at home in a ‘ghoulish’ performance against Chichester 1sts as they won 4-2.

In LUSL news, KCL 4ths will be haunted for weeks after our Squash team smashed them 15-0. What a great start to their LUSL campaign, and as they say in their Instagram… “You’d love to see it”. Similarly, Women’s Basketball spun a web over Imperial College last Sunday as they won 59-26!

If the references weren’t enough, here is a little joke to tie it all up.

What’s a pumpkins favourite sport?              

Squash :)

Dom Brown // Vice President Sport