Big Bears Wednesday: The Round-Up

VP Societies and Sport, Hannah Hockin, reports the scores from last week's Big Bears Wednesday fixtures. Go Bears!

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Last week saw the return of Big Bears Wednesday and what a brilliant turnout!

Alongside a full-on day of fixtures, we had a charity bake sale from Hockey, whose energetic volunteers added to the vibrant atmosphere. Loads of other activities took place such as face painting and bracelet making. There were also a couple of Chess matches hosted by our wonderful Chess club and Cheerleading and Dance created some quality TikTok content.

So how did our teams do?

We started with our Badminton teams, who really showed us how it’s done by winning all of their matches. Super proud of you all!

It’s been a tough start to the season for our Hockey teams but they've played some very close matches, especially between the Holloway Women’s 3 team and LSE Women’s 2 as well as Holloway Women’s 1 and King’s College Women’s 2s.

Our Women’s and Men’s Rugby teams both had solid wins and very strong performances!

Moving onto Lacrosse, we've had a mixed start to the year; the Women’s 1 had a massive win against Essex. Unfortunately, Men’s Lacrosse didn’t have the same result against our Varsity rivals, Surrey, but we’re hoping for big things this year!

Men’s Football has seen teams winning and losing games so far, a special shoutout to our Men’s 3s who were able to get one up by winning against St Mary’s 3-1. Our Varsity rivals once again proved that they’re a force to be reckoned with by scoring 115-49 against our Holloway Men’s Basketball 1s team. Volleyball, Squash, and Tennis all had tough matches last Wednesday. Our Men’s Tennis 2s and 3s teams even went head to head with a 6-0 respectively.

Our Netball Women’s 4 team secured a beautiful 24-16 win against St George’s - absolutely fierce! Away from all the Bears fun on campus, Squash went down 4-1 to Sussex. And, to finish on a happy note, Women’s Football had a glorious 9-0 win against King’s College.

Once again, thank you so much to all of our groups, committees, members, and spectators who helped make Big Bears Wednesday a success. I loved watching you all compete, raise money for charity, and support the Bears with a smile on your face. Looking forward to the second instalment of Big Bears Wednesday next term…