Blog: An Update On Your Academic Year…

What’s been happening?

In January, the SU ran an online survey to find out whether the current shape of the academic year works for students. A bunch of you got in touch, and as VP Education I’ve examined the results and presented them to the College working group looking at the issue.

What’s the headline?

If another set of exams were to be introduced, opinion was split straight down the middle among respondents as to whether exams should be before or after the Winter Break. On top of that, the feedback the College has been getting from academic staff is that this would cause disruption in a lot of departments. So, the working group made the decision not to pursue introducing a second set of exams into the academic year any further.

So is anything happening?

Yes! Whilst a second set of exams won’t be introduced, the College is still looking to make sure students know more of their marks before final exams, and that the Summer Term is better value for money. I’ve also suggested that the College make sure all taught students have a reading week, as the survey showed a lot of you aren’t getting this like some of your classmates.

Alright, what’s happening next then?

Recommendations from the working group, such as making sure that a certain % of marks are already known to students before their final exams, and a clearer Summer Term programme after exams, will be put forward to the College’s Teaching and Learning Strategy Committee for approval. So watch this space for further developments! Remember that you can make your voice heard by contacting your course rep, emailing me, or filling in a College feedback survey!