Blog: Found(ers) Another Place for Study Space

One of the wonderful features of our University is Founder's and all of the history and character that comes with it!

As many of you would have noticed over the last year or so, Founder's West Reading Room has been in and out of operation and is currently being refurbished.

Lots of you have been getting in touch over the last week asking what is going on with this space, after a little wait, we have an update:

I went for a site visit yesterday to check in on the progress of this and can confirm that come November, Founder's West Reading Room should be back in full operation.

The process has been complicated due to the grading of Founder's building but refurb work is fully underway. The re-opening of Founder's will increase the overall study space (with EWD) to 1,346 - a ratio of approximately 7.5 students per study space, an increase from around 11 students per study space when it was the Bedford/Founder's combination.

The discussion around study spaces is a continuous one throughout the year and please do email me, or come and see me in the Students' Union building if you have any concerns or queries. Ultimately study spaces are an integral part to your studies and we want to ensure we represent your academic interests so you have the space you need.

What should be music to your ears is that Founder's West Reading Room will still have the character that it always had in the stunning Founder's building, so you can still get those Hogwarts references in!

Founder's has, and always will be, a central element to Royal Holloway but if we want it to keep its lovable charm, it’ll need a bit of work done. Take a look below at the photo from the early 20th Century and now the work currently taking place there.