Blog: Help, Something's Affecting my Exams!

Sometimes, life gets in the way. Perhaps you’ve spent the entire year knuckling down and preparing for exams, and then life just doesn’t go your way when exam season hits.

Maybe you’re struck down by a sudden illness or injury, or you’ve received a diagnosis for a mental health condition during this academic year which you haven’t been able to fully implement support for year. Or, at the last minute, you’re called up for jury service. Disaster, right? Wrong! Extenuating Circumstances are here!

What Do You Mean By Extenuating Circumstances?

Extenuating Circumstances (ECs) are situations beyond your control which might have a negative impact on your ability to take exams or complete your coursework. Examples of extenuating circumstances might include (but are not limited to) illness, bereavement, a traumatic personal experience or disruptions in an examination venue.

If you experience extenuating circumstances that you think could have negatively affected your studies at any point during the academic year, it is your responsibility to inform your department. However, the Students’ Union Advice Centre can help advise you on whether your situation constitutes an EC and how to fill in the form – simply email or ring 01784 276700 to make an appointment with our academic advisor.