Blog: In a Good Mood(le)

How many times has Moodle crashed just as you go to submit an assignment? Or just as you go to do your weekly reading? In the last year, Moodle has crashed once or twice (well, maybe three. or four. Or 50, but who’s counting?) due to heavy web traffic.

There has been a justified criticism of Moodle and its lack of ability to withstand the number of students that interact with it. Moodle is undeniably one of the most critical aspects of your time at university; interacting with your modules for access to reading lists, information from your lecturers and submitting those all-important assignments. But, when you go access to your modules at the start of term, so did everyone else at the university, and the system just couldn’t handle it. Cue Twitter threads, Facebook rants and your course reps raising the issues over and over.

So What's New With Moodle?

Well, come the new term, Moodle will be a much more stable Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), ready for the new academic year.

Moodle will transition to a new system at the end of August with a short period of downtime taking place over 24 hours, in time for it to be up and running for the beginning of the academic year.

This is just one of the many meetings I attend throughout the year, representing your academic interests in discussions about the various aspects of your education. Conversations will be ongoing between myself and IT to ensure that we continue to represent your academic interests throughout the year; any feedback on the new system will be incredibly useful so we can ensure that the Moodle service is adequate and enabling you to interact with its services effectively. If you have any thoughts, feel free to drop me an email!