Blog: Introducing Our New Societies

Friday October 5 saw this year’s first round of society and sports club ratifications! At a meeting co- chaired by your VP Sport Dom Brown and myself, four societies were ratified by the SU.

These decisions were ultimately made by the elected student members of Student Opportunities Committee, after the new groups had experienced weeks of meetings and consultation with Dom and I.

I am really pleased to introduce these new student groups to you, and give you some more information about their aims and plans for the year!

Hip Hop Society

Hip Hop society has been created with the intention of getting musicians, producers and rappers to collaborate and create music for fun and creative development. It’s open to anyone interested in hip hop culture, including the musical influences and social context as to how the art form developed, to learn more about the music and how art, fashion and dance (to name a few extras) also form part of the culture. Fun social events will be held where members and other uni students can participate in and watch, such as music performances. If you’re interested in collaborating with Hip Hop, or simply want to find out more, please email

Venture Capital and Fintech Society

Never heard of Venture Capital and Fintech? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted a job in the field? Either way, this society could be perfect for you! This year the group wants to promote the use of technological progress to the financial industry by giving an overview of what Fintech firms are and what they do. They are also aiming to further promote the opportunities of venture capital and give students a better insight into this specific branch of finance. This will be done through careers events such as inviting industry experts and guest speakers onto campus and running workshops and networking events. Venture Capital and Fintech Society want to provide students at Royal Holloway with the opportunities to pursue a career path in this field. If you want any more information or are looking to collaborate with the society, please contact

Retro Society

New and Improved, Retro Society is your go-to for all things from the swinging 60’s to the era of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the Spice Girls and Pokémon - the 90’s! If you have a passion for all things retro then this is the place for you. If you want to know what you can get involved with, the society hosts a themed radio show every week on Insanity Radio 103.2FM, alongside regular film nights, quizzes, themed nights out and karaoke. The group are also planning some trips into London to the homes of all things vintage if you needed any more persuading! If you’d like to collaborate with Retro society or think this may be for you, contact them at

Lyell Geoscience Society

Possibly a familiar name to some of you, Lyell Geoscience is one of the largest academic societies on campus, and this year have made the decision to re-join the SU. We are so excited to have the group back with us and we can’t wait to see all the incredible things they will do this year. I’m hoping to involve them in consultation with myself and your VP Education Jack O’Neill as we continue to build up the minimum standards framework we started at the beginning of the year. The society wants to welcome members to the department, with academic talks, workshops and career/networking events. They also will be hosting a number of social events throughout the upcoming terms, including the annual black tie Lyell Ball at the end of the year! Whether you dig rocks, or want to try something new – this society might be for you. Get in contact at

Further Ratifications Incoming

This year, we have decided to double the number of ratification meetings per year, from three to six, in an attempt to ensure that students are given as much chance as possible to bring their society proposals to fruition! More information about forming your own society can be found here - I can't wait to find out what other student groups join us at the SU this year.

Holly Hughes // Vice President Societies & Media