Blog: Putting Money Back Into Students' Pockets

The phrases ‘value for money’ and ‘representing your academic interests’ are being used more and more frequently as of late –  and you may be wondering how these phrases materialise into tangible change for students.

Last week we reported on some of the fantastic impacts that reps have made since they were elected - these range from standardised referencing to extending deadlines!                

In the past few days, Master of Business Administration (MBA) course rep Ali Tariq has made incredibly impactful gains by putting £3900 straight back into several students’ pockets!

What's The Story?

Over the summer, there were some changes with the MBA (Master of Business Administration) Programme offered at Royal Holloway which led to some MSc students transferring over to the MBA Programme. Discussions were held with Ali alongside the Head of the School of Management, Gloria Agyemang, to ensure that this issue was resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Students who were originally on the MSc were paying £3900 less than those on the MBA, and when they transferred over they were allowed to keep their original fees. Now that's great, but it wasn't particularly fair on those who were already paying the full price for the same course. Thanks to Ali, the fees were standardised across the class, meaning that everyone will now be paying the lower amount!

With 12 students affected by this, this means that almost £50,000 in total has gone straight back to students!

Gloria commented: “We are always interested to listen to feedback from our student body, and we will adapt and make changes, wherever possible, to ensure students are supported to achieve their optimal outcome.”

As your representative body, we are constantly lobbying to improve your experience here and represent your academic interests, and it is incredibly welcoming for staff, such as those in the School of Management, to be open and welcoming of enacting change for the benefit of students.

This is a fantastic demonstration of how effectively the academic representation system can work, with a group of students informing their Course Rep of the situation who then took action in contacting the Students’ Union so we could communicate with the Department and facilitate this influential improvement for students.

Jack O'Neill // Vice President Education