Blog: Survey Season Begins

As your VP Education, I spend a lot of my time looking at how we can utilise your feedback to improve your academic experience at Royal Holloway. Perhaps the biggest driver of this is our academic representation system and back in September, I said how the whole academic year can be utilised to provide feedback in order to enable positive changes to be made during the term.

Well, since launching the new system we have seen a fantastic level of engagement with this, with academic reps collating feedback from the wider student body and representing your academic interests to College. This has resulted in some major positive changes on campus – something I’m going to be talking about in more detail later this week so keep an eye on your inbox.

This has shown that there’s an appetite for students to constantly feedback and with both the National Student Survey (NSS) and Undergraduate Survey opening today you have a great chance to let the College know about all aspects of your university experience. This might include learning resources, quality of teaching, organisation of your course, and even how we as a Students’ Union represent you.

Why’s this all matter?

Being able to make informed, data-driven decisions means that we, as your student representatives, have a clear idea about how to move forward in the future.

It’s something we’ve already been putting into action and at the start of this year, myself and the Student Voice team analysed all of the NSS data from all 21 departments, consolidating this information into factsheets for our Department Reps.

This has enabled these reps to be proactive in addressing your concerns as students and being able to prioritise the key issues within your department. This has led to positive impacts from reps such as working with their department to establish appropriate assessments for new modules, gain module-wide extensions for deadlines and get the department to introduce themed focuses on feedback!

Obviously, both the NSS and the Undergraduate Survey are great ways of giving feedback which enables us to analyse problems and then address them, but if you have any immediate issues, please get in contact with your course/department rep. Alternatively, you can pop into the Students’ Union for a chat or drop me an email at

Jack O'Neill // Vice President Education