Blog: Trampolining Club's Competition In Cambridge

This weekend we took away a single medal, but a number of us managed to reach the top five of their group! Many of us were thrown off our game by the bounciness of the Ultimate Trampolines the Cambridge club provided which are the highest tier of trampoline allowed at a competition (so you can imagine they're much more powerful than our regular training ones) but we all soldiered on and put on our game faces!

Daniel Jones took 2nd place at SUTL 3 Men. Our wonderful synchro pairs for the weekend were Joanna & Daniel at SS2 and Natalie & Rebecca at SS3. Our SS2 synchro pair put in a great performance placing 4th! This is the first time Natalie & Rebecca had competed in the synchro category and put in a wonderful effort placing 5th!

This competition EVERYONE went on the social in Cambridge, the glitter and stars came out and everyone had a great time (even the sober few of us).

A huge thanks to Vinni and Kim Nash for judging at this competition and a great big thanks to Joanna and Gerald for driving people around all weekend.

Congratulations to all of our wonderful competitors and thank you to everyone in the club for supporting us, we had a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all back at training!