Blog: Ultimate Frisbee

Many people may not know about the fantastic sport that is Ultimate Frisbee. I was guilty of this during my time as a student. However, I have been fortunate enough to work with an outstanding club and committee while finding out about Ultimate Frisbee at Royal Holloway and as a sport in general.

When watching Ultimate Frisbee fixtures and brief parts of their training, I have been amazed by how much they enjoy their time, constantly playing with smiles on their faces and still managing to maintain the high quality level of performance that  is needed for BUCS. The skill required in the sport is no easy feat to achieve, and I was blown away by the ways in which they were able to complete passes and use the wind to their advantage, in order to score points and pass their way around opponents.

Captain Nick Winstone and President Veronika Turek, alongside the others in their committee, have been pivotal to the atmosphere and high quality of the club this season, setting the tone in terms of social cohesion and performances on the field of play. Veronika said the following on their opening BUCS competition of the year: "On the weekend of 10 and 11 November, Holloway Ultimate participated in their first BUCS Men’s Indoor Regional’s Tournament in the past four years.

"Two teams were sent to play over the course of two days, playing eight games each!  We were seeded 18th and 19th, but by the end of the weekend Holloway 1 placed in 9th  and Holloway 2 placed in 17th!

"It was an incredible weekend for all of our players, who gave it their 110% in every single game. For some it was their very first match, while others were more experienced, having played LUSL tournaments with the team over the past year.

"It was most definitely a challenging weekend, many of the universities attending had two or even three teams who had competed in indoor tournaments every single year, and going in we knew we had a lot to prove.

"Our committee could not be prouder of both teams, and we can’t wait for all of our LUSL matches this and next term!" 

I look forward to watching more of this upbeat club after Christmas, there is plenty more to come from them! If you want to see more of what they do then check them out on social media below.


Dom Brown // Vice President Sport