Blog: Union Bus Cameras

It may not seem like the most exciting Christmas surprise, but we have just installed CCTV cameras on all of our union buses which will make a major difference to student safety on club nights and at other RHSU events.

How did we come to this decision?

In the past year a few students have mentioned to us that the feeling of security on the buses when riding home could be improved, and they suggested cameras as one logical development, so we took on board this suggestion and put it into action. It will also allow us easy identification of any issues that may arise during travel, and as rare as these are, we want to be prepared to support our students should they raise any concerns.

The camera installation will make many people feel a lot safer using our buses, and seeing as the point of the buses is to allow safe travel home after a late night in one of our venues, this makes complete sense. We recommend the use of Union Buses as some areas of Egham and Englefield Green are poorly lit and many students walking home alone may be at risk. Our goal is to ensure that every student feels completely comfortable leaving our venues and getting home, as this shouldn’t be what you’re worrying about on a night out!

The cameras have been added to our brand new buses and will be in action from the start of second term, ready for refreshers week and the rest of this academic year’s events.

If you have any questions feel free to email me!