Celebrating Amazing Staff Members

VP Education Alissa Chohan celebrates the lastest winners of our You're Valued awards, members of staff who have been nominated by students for their hard work, time and dedication in far from ideal circumstances this year.

This past year has been incredibly difficult for everyone, but one thing that has remained apparent throughout the year is the overall student appreciation for all the hard work, time and dedication that staff members have committed to making the best of this year, in far from ideal circumstances.

In previous years the SU has presented ‘You’re Valued’ awards to staff members who have been nominated by their students for going above and beyond and demonstrating the core values of both the SU and the University. Although we could not replicate the same experience and presentation in person, we thought that this year more than ever, it was important that staff members received recognition and knew how much they were valued. We revamped the You’re Valued awards to virtually send over their certificates and kind words that students had submitted.

Last week we congratulated nine members of staff for receiving a You’re Valued award and shared the wonderful words that students had to say about them. Whilst each student had their own individual explanations of how grateful they were, they all shared examples of demonstrating the core values that are upheld within the SU and University: Trustworthy, Brave, High-quality, Student Focused, Inclusive, Excellence, Creativity, Collaboration, Fairness, and Freedom.  

A huge congratulation to the following members of staff:

  • Gregory Ashton - Sciences
  • Michelle Bentley - PIR & Philosophy
  • Lisa Fell - Electronic Engineering
  • Jonathan Harris - History
  • Stella Moss - History
  • Oli Mould - Geography
  • Robert Priest - History
  • Tim Summers - Music
  • Dave Waltham - Earth Sciences

Are you a student who knows an amazing member of staff who deserves a You’re Valued Award as recognition for all their hard work? Simply fill out a quick form and we'll do the rest.

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Massive congratulations again to all the staff members for their hard work and the students who kindly submitted nominations. I can’t wait to see more wonderful nominations throughout the rest of the academic year!