Collectives 101

You've had the chance to meet our student groups but did you know we also have free groups known as Collectives that you can join!

A welcome to your Union sign.

You've had the opportunity to meet loads of groups this week but now it's time to join a collective.

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to Collectives, a new initiative that aims to give underrepresented communities on campus a space to campaign, form networks and drive change. Here’s how you can get involved.

What Are The Different Collectives?

There are eight Collectives in total:

  1. Women
  2. LGBT+
  3. Disabled
  4. BAME
  5. International
  6. Commuting
  7. Postgraduate Research Students
  8. Postgraduate Taught Students

How Can I Be Part Of A Collective?

You can sign up directly from the individual Collective pages (linked above). To do this, you’ll need to “purchase” a free membership from the individual collective pages. That means adding it to your basket and then checking out.

If you self-identify with this group, you are eligible to become a member, which will give you full access allowing you to take part in any democratic decisions and to stand to be a leader of the group.

If you would like to support the work of the group but do not self-identify as a member of the group, then you can become a supporter which will mean you are still eligible to take part in their events and activities, just not vote.

Okay, I've Joined. How Do I Lead A Collective?

If this is something you feel passionate about, you can also stand to be a leader of a Collective. They are called conveners, and each Collective has its own set of conveners. One convenor from each Collective will also sit on the Wellbeing, Community and Diversity Executive and help to steer the work that your VP Welfare and Diversity Lucy Simpson does.

Only those who self-identify within the group, and “purchase” a free membership, will be able to run for a leadership position within a collective. The entire elections process takes place online starting with nominations open now and closing Wednesday 9 October at 4pm. Even if you don't want to run for a position, it's really important that you get involved and vote for someone you feel will effectively represent your views. Voting will open on Friday 11 October at 10am, closing at 4pm on Wednesday 16 October.

Stand now

As ever, if you have any questions just drop us an email or visit us at Helpdesk.