Colours Ball 2020 Round-Up

VP Sport Dom Brown summarises an incredible night as we celebrated the achievements of our sports clubs at Colours Ball 2020!

Last Saturday, we took the opportunity to celebrate the success of our sports teams for their hard work on and off the pitch, at Colours Ball 2020!

Every sports club has gone above and beyond this year, whether it’s trying to increase their membership, making their club more inclusive, or coming up with new ways of fundraising - the effort put in deserves to be commended.

To see such a variety of sports clubs in the room on the other night was unbelievable and in my eyes, you guys are the best thing about Royal Holloway!

There were a number of different individual and group awards up for grabs which recognised the amazing things our clubs and students have achieved so far this year.

I want to say another a big thank you to all of the sports clubs - from all the work you put in over the year, to literally turning up and creating such a great atmosphere at Colours Ball, you’re the reason why I love my job!

And if you’re memory is a little bit blurry from the other night, then don’t worry as I have provided a recap of all the award winners!

Check out all of the photos below!


Colours Ball 2020 Roll of Honour – Group Awards

Spotlight Award – Men’s Rugby (winner), Trampolining (runner-up)

Skills and Employability Cup – Trampolining (winner)

Community Shield – Women’s Rugby (winner), Women’s Football (runner-up)

Sophie Christiansen Shield – Riding (winner), Fencing (runner-up)

Fundraising and Campaigning Award – Men’s Rugby (winner), Swimming (runner-up)

Most Improved Club – MMA (winner), Lacrosse (runner-up)

Team of the Year – Women’s Fencing (winner), American Football (runner-up)

Club of the Year – Trampolining (winner), Women’s Rugby (runner-up)

Colours Ball 2020 Roll of Honour – Individual Awards

Freshman Award – Katherine Jong (Badminton), Olivia Stocks (Riding), Sam Neale (Trampolining), Megan Stockford (Swimming), Chiara Di Cosola (Volleyball).

Colossus' Sports Personality – Caitlyn Bush, Netball (winner), Tom Hannington, Ultimate Frisbee (runner-up)

Coach of the Year – Vinni Kutwaroo (Trampolining)


Dom Brown // Vice President Sport