Colours Ball Round-Up

Well, how incredible was Colours Ball?! Our sports clubs took over the De Vere Beaumont Hotel on Saturday night and showed what it means to be part of the Bears family.

As I said in my closing speech, I cannot stress how incredibly proud the entire team and I are, of every single group this year. I knew how amazing sports clubs were when coming into this role, but bloody hell I didn’t know to what extent! The work that you put in day in, day out is what makes me look forward to coming in to work every day. Regardless of whether you won an award or not, your work does not go unnoticed and I can’t begin to say how excited I am for next year already.

This year saw a record number of members within our sports clubs, and seeing participation increase is fantastic! So much of that is down to your recruitment and all the fantastic work at Freshers' Fair.

With regards to the event itself, I just want to give a massive shout-out to the people that make it happen. We really do try and make Colours Ball as student focused as possible, and the event would not happen without the entire Student Opportunities team, but in particular Alison Baker (Events & Give It A Go Coordinator) who effectively puts it all together.

There’s one more individual that I’d like to thank. Megan Beddoe (Sports Clubs Coordinator) came into her role at the beginning of the year, after being a Sabbatical Officer at LSE. Sitting behind Megan every day at work I cannot stress just how much of a workload Megan has, from organising all weekly fixtures, to communicating with other universities, booking facilities, processing payments and sorting event proposals. I can honestly say that I would have struggled to be in this role without her and she has taught me so much. I know how much the clubs mean to her and she loves seeing you all succeed.

I'll stop rambling now, but before I do I’m sure you know there’s quite a big event happening next week, which has sports clubs at the heart. I’m sure you’re all excited for Varsity 2019 - let’s go and show Surrey we are #ComingBackStronger. I can’t wait to see you all smash it!

Dom Brown // Vice President Sport


Colours Ball 2019 Roll Of Honour

Colossus’ Sports Personality of the Year – 1st - Katrina Rutina (Cheerleading), 2nd - Ollie Beard (Swimming), 3rd - Jack Colman (Men’s Football)

Coach of the Year – Shelley Barker (Netball)

Spotlight Award – Women’s Football (Gold), Cheerleading (Silver), Riding (Bronze)

Skills & Employability Shield – Women’s Rugby

Community Shield – Cheerleading

Sophie Christiansen Shield  Fencing

RAG Award – Men’s Football

Most Improved Club – Trampolining

Team of the Year – Men’s Rugby 1sts

Club of the Year – Cheerleading



Freshman Award

Hannah Batty – Netball

Taline Ghandour – Women’s Football

Jack Henley – American Football

Timoni Longe – Cheerleading

Ronga Tangle – Trampolining


Crest Award

Emily Blacknell – Hockey

Emma Broadley – Trampolining

Yasmine Burrha – Cheerleading

Amy Gervasio – Lacrosse

Sam Hyde – American Football

Katie Jeffress – Riding

Susannah Lower – Netball

Lucas Millar-Azuelos – Men’s Football

Gwen Richards – Women’s Rugby

Kate Roberts – Women’s Football

Abigail Russell – Rounders

Becca Stewart – Cheerleading

Veronika Turek – Ultimate Frisbee

Jack Wright – MMA


Half Colours

Ryan Bibby – American Football

Jenna Bray – Fencing

Filippo Broggian - Volleyball

Pavel Burak – Tennis

David Comport – Cricket

Mitchell Coombes – Swimming

Alex Corbel – Women’s Football

Tia Duggan – Lacrosse

Sarah Gayle – Women’s Rugby

Dugald Hepburn – Badminton

William Hyde – American Football

Martin Ivanov – Men’s Football

Richard Jenkin - Trampolining

Joshua Johns – American Football

Eedi Karjalianen – Women’s Rugby

Lewis Key – American Football

Christopher Koenemon – Lacrosse

Katherine – Cheerleading

Georgie Maxfield – Netball

Kayalvili Nanthankumar – Badminton

Zhi Lin Ng – Badminton

Adam Owens – Athletics

Tani Oyeleye – Basketball

Anmol Pasamolla – Hockey

Daniel Petts – Lacrosse

Alekha Ransinha – Badminton

Hyder Marcos Al_Said – Tennis

Rasna Sandhu – Hockey

Craig Stewart – Hockey

Elsa Tuomi – Riding

Irini Vera – Volleyball

Georgie Wilson – Trampolining

Nick Winstone – Ultimate Frisbee


Full Colours

Margherita Alinovi – Volleyball

Chris Brennan – Archery

Filips Fils – Volleyball

Eleanor Grigg – Riding

Verity Jackson – Hockey

James King – Cricket

Jean Baptiste Limone – Tennis

Abbie Medlicott – Netball

Elizabeth Newsom – Hockey

Awen Saunders – Fencing

James Simmons – Men’s Rugby