Feedback on Academic Work

After you've done the hard work to complete an assignment, it's important to take note of the feedback. You have a right for this feedback to be clear, constructive, and timely. Read more to find out what you should expect.

After completing an assignment, it's important to utilise and take note of your academic feedback. You have a right for this feedback to be clear, constructive, and timely, as detailed in the University’s Policy on the return of marked student work and feedback

In 2018, as your SU, we successfully lobbied for changes to make sure you receive the academic feedback you deserve.

When can I expect feedback?

Feedback should be returned to you within 20 working days of the submission deadline. This excludes weekends, bank holidays, etc. Exceptions to this deadline must be exceptional such as staff illness.

What standard of feedback am I entitled to?

Your feedback should satisfy the three principles created by Academic Rep Conference in 2018.


Your feedback should be clear, about academic performance, and should refer explicitly to your assessment criteria.


Your feedback should include positive comments of elements done well and clearly identify successful practices that you should continue. Alongside this, you should receive development comments that identify areas of improvement for future assessments.


Your feedback should be provided soon enough after the task to retain its relevance and in advance enough that you have time to act on your feedback within upcoming assessments.

What if I am not happy with the standard of feedback I have received?

  • It is important to mention that you cannot appeal against your mark or feedback, the University will not investigate an appeal against academic judgment or remark your work; however, you are able to make a complaint.
  • Start by contacting the academic member of staff that marked your assessment and request a meeting to discuss your feedback. The SU Advice Centre can give you guidance and support with this part - just email them to ask for help.
  • If you find that your feedback is not at the high standard you are entitled to, you can also contact your course rep who can help you lobby your department for improved feedback.

Further Support

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