Find Your New Home

If you didn't get into your accommodation of choice and you don't know where to start looking for your perfect home, here are some great ideas to help you out!

We understand it’s disappointing not getting into your accommodation of choice, but at the Students’ Union we can help you find an alternative that is suitable for you.

The most important thing you should know is that there are plenty of options available. You can have a look at some private halls close to campus, at our very own housing platform HouseSearch, some recommended Facebook groups, or even other local online platforms – there is definitely something waiting for you, and we’re here to support you through your search.

What’s HouseSearch?

At the SU we run our very own housing platform, HouseSearch, where you can check out a lot of local houses and rooms and get in touch with the landlord to book a viewing. It’s definitely one of the best ways to find a great deal, and the platform is available all year round.

Make sure you have a look at all the properties available here.

HouseSearch also has a message board where you can meet and chat with other students that are also looking for somewhere to live.

Tell me all about private halls

These are the easiest and safest to arrange without having to come to campus. However, they’re usually a little bit more expensive.

The Pad and Podium, are located right in front of campus. They have a variety of apartments, studios and en suites. So make sure you check them out here.

Another option for private accommodation is Hox Park, which are brand new student halls in Englefield Green. They offer a free five minute shuttle bus to take you to campus and back. Have a look through their different rooms here.

How can I use Facebook to find a house?

Our Facebook housing pages are some of the best options to find house shares to join, and they’re usually the cheapest options too. You can reply to people’s posts or create your own. Feel free to get in touch with us for tips on how to make your post more successful.

One of the Facebook pages that you can have a look at is RHSU Housemating, which has been created specifically to help you find new housemates who you can look for a house with. 

Another great one is Overheard at Royal Holloway, which is not exclusive to housing posts, but it’s definitely a very useful social media platform where you can check other people’s ads or post your own!

More options, please!

There are plenty of other housing websites that are run by local landlords who offer some shorter and individual contracts:

If you’re still having trouble finding the perfect pad for you, please don’t hesitate to get directly in touch with one of our advisors at the Advice Centre at, who will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that you find a home.

When signing a contract for any of these options, please be aware that our Advice Centre also offers a free contract checking service to make sure that you’re getting treated fairly. We recommend you not to sign or pay for anything until you’ve checked your contract with our advisors. You can follow the steps to renting a house here.