Happily Ever After: Advice Centre Success Stories

You might have seen us out and about in the Emily Wilding Davison building last week, promoting our Advice Centre. You’ve heard about what we can do, but the proof is really in the pudding. Take a look at some happily ever afters that we’ve managed to secure for students in their housing issues.

Taken To The Cleaners

Students’ houses may be messy whilst they occupy them, but we know you all do your best to clean up before you leave. Several students opted to use their own professional cleaning company, rather than the recommended one advertised by the estate agent.

Upon doing so however, the estate agent attempted to charge them hundreds of pounds because the clean wasn’t good enough (hoovering up the extra cash maybe?). Students who followed our advice either came to an agreement with their landlords directly or raised successful disputes through their deposit protection schemes! Thanks to our Advice Centre, we made sure there was no money laundery-ing whatsoever.

Time To Kill?

When it’s time to move out, it’s fair to say that everybody wants to get as much of their deposit back as quickly as possible. We’ve had multiple agencies and landlords make students wait over two month for the return of their deposit. Students who have used the Advice Centre are able to get their deposits back in 2-3 weeks using the template letters we give them and/or raising a dispute with their deposit protection schemes. 

Some landlords have even told students they have to wait until the landlord has returned from their holidays before they deal with their deposits. They might be sunning it up in the Bahamas, but we’ll be damned if they leave our members out to dry. We ensured that the students got their deposits back in full while the landlord was away by going through the deposit protection schemes.

Weeding Out The Bad Ones

A bit more of an obscure one, but we found out that some landlords have tried to charge students hundreds of pounds for gardening, a clear attempt to rake in the cash. Honestly, hoe could they? After talking to us, the students learned that legally they could not be expected to do the gardening if no tools were provided, and as such they were able to dispute these charges and have them removed, putting spades of money back into students’ pockets.

Bottom Of The Barrel

We all know that students find money wherever they can, but it turns out landlords can sometimes exhibit similar traits. We’ve seen one landlord try and claim over £2000 of a deposit, including £34 for a lightbulb, but thanks to the bright sparks of our Advice Centre, we managed to get this claim down to just £445 – a pretty impressive saving.


So there you have it, just a handful of cases that we deal with throughout the year. Remember, the Advice Centre can help with anything from dodgy landlords to flatmate fallouts. You can book an appointment with us, for free, independent advice, always.