Having Your Back On The Back Gate

As you will undoubtedly be aware of, on Tuesday 16 July, the University announced that changes will be made to the opening times of the back gate (the exit towards the bottom of campus leading onto Spring Rise).

What is happening?

For the last academic year, the University agreed to temporarily offer a 24 hour access of this gate onto campus for a pilot year. The University documented that there has been an increase in complaints regarding noise as a result of this change and have therefore decided that the gate will be closed at 00:30 and reopened at 05:00.

I completely understand that this isn’t the news that we were all hoping to hear.

To make the point clear, as a Students’ Union we not only sympathise with your disappointment, but we have argued against these proposals, and will continue to represent you on this issue.

What has happened?

The University raised this issue with the Students’ Union and proposed changes to the opening times of the back gate, detailing that complaints had risen dramatically and that behaviour around the back gate was unsustainable.

This has been a decision that the College have made, and one that we have rightfully spoken out against. The issue is complicated and therefore we must be sensible in the collective action that we take in order to improve the betterment of the student experience at Royal Holloway, and indeed with student welfare when it comes to this issue.

What is going to happen?

As aforementioned, despite our arguments against these changes, the College have made their decision.

We are now planning our next steps on this issue in order to work out how best to move this forwards, and I want to involve you in these discussions.

Therefore, at the start of term, I will be hosting a meeting for us all to collectively discuss the situation so we can work out together the most appropriate way to put our best foot forward.

I will update you as things evolve on this issue and be assured, we absolutely have your back on this.

Jack O'Neill // President