#HealthyU: Eating Healthy On Campus

This week is all about healthy eating on a student budget on campus. If you want to cook up a healthy meal, you don’t need to head to Waitrose and break the bank on expensive organic produce, or follow recipes with hundreds of different ingredients, most of which you’ll end up using once before pushing them to the back of your cupboards. Believe it or not you can make a full healthy nutritious meal with ingredients all purchased from your very own Union shop.

This week as part of the healthy U campaign the Union shop are running promotional deals on the ingredients for meals along with recipe cards with full instructions of how to make the dish. So head down to the shop and get cooking. Show us what you’ve made by taking a photo and posting it on Instagram using the hashtag #HealthyU to be in with the chance of winning a £20 voucher for the SU Fruit and veg market!

The four meals on offer from today (Wednesday 14th February – Wednesday 21st February) are…

Quorn Chilli

Cost price - £5.65

#HealthyU Bundle Price - £3.90

The ingredients you will be purchasing will make at least two servings so that’s two meals for only £, the dream!

Stewed chicken and lentils

Cost price - £12.15

#HealthyU Bundle Price - £9.10

Again this will make at least two servings and the chilli flakes, tomato puree and garlic paste you can use for plenty of other dishes.

Banana Yoghurt Cranachan

Cost price - £4.50

#HealthyU Bundle Price - £3.35

This tasty yoghurt is great as both a breakfast or a desert and at that price it’s definitely worth a try.

Super Energy Porridge

Cost price - £5.90

#HealthyU Bundle Price - £4.80

While this is a great breakfast, for those of you that are into your sport, it will make a great pre/post workout meal too.