Improving Your Bright Ideas Platform

During the summer, our Voice team have been reviewing the Bright Ideas platform to improve and ease your opportunities to voice your concerns at Royal Holloway and influence positive change.

You might have noticed that our Bright Ideas platform was taken down at the end of Summer Term. But there’s no need to worry, we’re currently in the process of reviewing and improving it, and you’ll be able to voice the changes you want to see at Royal Holloway very soon – and in a much better way!

Bright Ideas is an opportunity for students to submit an idea about something they’d like to change to improve their university experience, which then gets voted on by other students. Since the platform started, we’ve made the SU and Medicine straw-free, we’re working on implementing braille on toilet doors, have lobbied the College to address student concerns about the launderette, and so many more great things! 

So why have you taken it down?

Well, Bright Ideas is growing more and more each year. Total student interactions with the platform went from 1713 in 2016/17 to 3388 in 2018/19 – that’s a 97.7% increase! And with all of the changes that the Students’ Union is undergoing due to our Democracy Review, it seemed like the right time to look back at those numbers and review how we can make it even better.

What’s next?

Our Voice team have been reviewing how you can submit an idea, how voting takes place, how we communicate with students that have submitted the ideas, and the process involved with an idea - from the moment of submission to its implementation.

Previously, ideas that reached 50 votes were considered to have ‘passed’, and those that didn’t would be taken down after 14 days of submission. After a lot of thought, it was decided that taking down the ideas that didn’t reach 50 votes wasn’t giving you an equal opportunity, as we want to give every single student a chance to have a voice and influence positive change. So, for our new Bright Ideas platform, every single idea will be considered!

There will also be much more guidance for students to submit an idea – from what types of ideas are appropriate, to how to write a good idea for submission. Alongside that, you’ll be able to follow a simple chart that will show you your idea’s entire journey from submission to implementation.

Our main goal is to make sure that every student is aware of their opportunity to voice their concerns, and to ease the process of doing so. Your Sabbatical Officers have been very closely involved with the entire process and are extremely excited to launch the new and revamped platform:

“Bright Ideas is a fantastic way for students to directly suggest new ways that we can do things, and bring our attention to new ideas. These changes mean that decisions are streamlined, and so we can act on ideas quickly. To put it simply, it means we can crack on with your fantastic suggestions and engage with you on them more!”

This is all great, but when can I submit my idea?

This is a big project, and we don’t want to rush into it, so we don’t have a specific release date yet. However, we’re looking to implement all of these changes before the end of term one. So make sure you watch this space for more information in the coming months.