Improving the Joint Honours Experience

Addressing one of her key manifesto points, VP Education Alissa Chohan is conducting a Student Insight Report to better support, improve and understand the experience of Joint Honours students. Ensure your voice is heard by completing the survey!

When I ran for VP Education, one of my key manifesto points was to launch a project aimed at supporting, improving and understanding the experience of Joint Honours students.

Royal Holloway offers a wide array of joint courses, ranging from PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics), Liberal Arts, and PIR (Politics and International Relations), all the way to Music and Physics and Criminology and Psychology, and many more. Having been a Joint Honours student in my first year, I saw many things that I would’ve liked to have been changed to improve the functioning of Joint Honours programmes, and from speaking to others on joint courses, these thoughts seemed mutual.

Joint Honours Student Insight Report

Whilst there is generally a widespread appreciation of the array of joint courses offered at Royal Holloway and an appreciation of what they can add to a degree, there are changes that can be made to better this experience, which is why I am conducting a Joint Honours Student Insight Report. This report aims to gain a better understanding of what students value as a joint student, some of the challenges they face, and to identify where improvements can be made.

Research for this project includes consultation with academics, one-to-one meetings with students, focus groups, and this survey which will prove extremely valuable to expand the student input into this piece of work.

The survey

Whether you get frustrated with timetabling, assessments clashes, personal tutoring, communication or anything else you would like to see addressed, this survey is your opportunity to have your voice heard. It will take no longer than five minutes to complete, but will make a huge difference!

It is important to note that all of your feedback will remain anonymous throughout the report. In conjunction with the other feedback methods, your voice will be used to input into the report, creating a series of recommendations that will be presented to the University on various levels to enact tangible change that will improve the Joint Honours experience.

Complete the survey

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