Introducing The Union Workshop

At the Students’ Union, we thrive on getting you involved in everything that has an impact on you, so we're introducing the Union Workshop, your chance to have a say on the services we provide!

At the Students’ Union, we thrive on getting you involved in everything that has an impact on you. This may change for different people, while some of you may want to lead a society, others may want to be part of a sports club, become an academic rep, or even want to do it all!

We also recognise that many students want to help us formulate our plans in our service areas, such as the shop, the events programme and our menus.

Why are we telling you all of this?

Previously we came to you with Service Development Groups, which gave you an opportunity to feed into the services that we provide. However, we didn’t get it right this time and upon reflection, we realised that asking you to commit to a series of meetings was too intense to fit in with your busy timetable.

But, as you told us previously, you want to be part of our decision making process when developing aspects of your Union. That’s why we’re coming back with the Union Workshop.

What’s the Union Workshop?

The Union Workshop will be an opportunity for you to feed into the services we provide, but rather than having you become part of four separate groups with high commitment, these workshops will be open to all students, and present a much more curated and low commitment event.

Want to shape the Summer Ball acts? Test new shop products? Or maybe alter the menus across our different venues? Then the Union Workshop is for you! The agenda will be prepared ahead of time, and you will be able to sign up and take part to give your voice about the issues raised in that specific workshop.

The first Union Workshop will take place at the beginning of Term Two. We’re currently putting together the first agenda, so in the meantime you can register your interest by emailing

We strongly encourage students from all backgrounds to attend and ensure all viewpoints have been considered. Regardless of who you are, we want to hear your voice.