Introducing Your University Challenge Team

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to have Jeremy Paxman stare you down, tut disapprovingly and disregard your answer to a question which he only knows because he has it on a card in front of him?

Well, a team of Royal Holloway students are going to be battling out in University Challenge for a chance at this exact opportunity!

In previous years our teams have undertaken a gruelling test at the studios only to just miss out on making it to the recorded shows but this year could well be the year...

The online application was open for all students and we had some fantastic applications from students eager to get involved in the competition! Following this, the applicants were put through a written test under exam conditions – the questions covered a variety of subjects so they would be best prepared for the niche questions they would face on the show.

Another stage followed this, with the highest scorers being tested once again as well as participating in a group exercise to see how well the team would work together. This resulted in a team of five forming to represent Royal Holloway (four in the team and one reserve).

A massive good luck to Dominic Kearney, Jon Foster, Micka Clayton (reserve member), Nick Hatton and Marcel Armour - the whole of Royal Holloway is behind you!

Jack O'Neill // Vice President Education