Introducing Your VP Education

Your VP Education, Shrijeet Shrey, fills you in on what he's been up to since starting the role, his goals for 2022/23 and how you can get in touch with him!

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Ayo! This is Shrey, your VP Education! Welcome to uni life, where you'll have lots of new experiences (and instant ramen)!

Who is Shrey? 

I studied CompSci (Artificial intelligence) for two years before successfully campaigning in the SU Elections to become VP Education at Royal Holloway. I’m an international student, attending university on a full scholarship sponsored by my government and Royal Holloway. I love facing new and creative experiences and talking to lots of new people!

My Goals As VP Education

As your VP Education, I sit on numerous College committees (meetings where important decisions get made and student-facing projects are discussed) using my voice to advocate for the collective students’ interest. Some of my priorities for this year include: 

  • Fighting the cost of living crisis – In this era of rising inflation and recession, students' everyday lives and living standards are going to be impacted; I’m working closely with the University to try to minimise this impact.

  • Space for creatives – In the two years I've been a student at Royal Holloway, I’ve met some of the most amazing young creatives. I want to bring together everyone who has the drive to create something and give them places to showcase their amazing creations.

  • Education initiatives – I understand how important it is to achieve your degree and career goals to ensure success in the future stages of your life. That's why I'm looking to improve the Extenuating Circumstances processes and create an academic environment that inspires students to learn and engage with their courses.

Get In Touch!

If you'd like to chat, you can find me in and around the Students' Union building, on my social media channels @RHSUEducation, or via email. I love talking to you all so don't hesitate to get in touch!