Meet Your New Committee Members

The wait is over and the Student Group Elections results are in - we can now reveal the leaders of your sports clubs, societies, and media outlets for the 2020/21 academic year.

The wait is over and the Student Group Elections results are in - we can now reveal the next leaders of your sports clubs, societies, and media outlets!

1473 group members turned out to cast a total of 14,558 votes, electing 542 successful candidates into committee positions.

Due to some candidates being elected into more than one role and needing to choose which one they take up, some of the results are subject to change. Those individuals will be contacted by our Student Opportunities team early next week.

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Congratulations to everyone who has successfully been elected for a committee position - running in elections of any kind can be very daunting so you should all be very proud that you made the brave decision to stand especially given our current circumstances. Now that the scary part is over we hope that you can start getting excited for the challenges and experiences that will come in the year ahead.

For those of you who weren’t successful, please don’t be too disheartened as there may still be an opportunity for you to get involved. Later this term we will be holding by-elections for any positions that have not been filled so you may still have a chance to gain a spot on committee before the end of the academic year. Dates for this will be released to groups next week so please keep an eye out for updates.

Associate Member Voting Issue Resolved

We're aware some associate members, who are ineligible to vote, were able to cast a vote in this year's election. These had been removed from the final results in line with our Constitution. The results have been verified by both the Deputy Returning Officer and our website provider MSL.

Student Group Training

Congratulations to all of you who have been successfully elected – we can’t wait to work with you next year and see the great things you manage to achieve with your groups!

Before then, it’s important you know about Student Group Training as we look to ensure that you are all fully equipped to hit the ground running when you assume your roles!

This year, we have changed things up in relation to group training! Due to the current limitation placed on our lives as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be delivering Student Group Training digitally.

Starting from Monday 22 June we will be running a number of virtual sessions that will prepare you for your year in office. These sessions will be primarily aimed at the Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers, giving them the key information needed to get through the summer and prepare for all eventualities of the next academic year. The full timetable will be available on the RHSU website and will be emailed to you closer to the time.

We know the situation is unprecedented and we know you will have lots of questions, not all of which can be answered right now, so we want to concentrate on only the vital information, to a smaller number of committee members over the span of a number of sessions. This will hopefully mean that more of you can attend at a flexible time and get the information you need going forward.

If you hold a committee position other than President, Secretary, or Treasurer, don’t fret! You will receive training in the new academic year so that you can action any activities, events etc. while the information is still fresh in your mind!

I've been elected, what's the next step?

New committee members will receive an email with more details, so make sure you keep an eye out for that dropping in your inbox.

Full details on Student Group Training will be released soon and will be found via the SU website, where you will be able to register for the sessions.