Meet Your School Reps: Ellie Matthews

School Reps play a key role in improving students’ academic experience, working hard to make sure your ideas and concerns are heard at the highest level. If you're from the School of Engineering, Physical & Mathematical Sciences, make sure you get to know your School Rep, Ellie Matthews.

Tell us about yourself

Hello! My name is Ellie and I am a third -ear MSci Physics student and this year’s Engineering, Physical & Mathematical Sciences School Rep. I am also the President of Physics Society and Vice President of Aerospace Society. I love sports and I'm hoping to explore more new societies in the next year.

What made you want to become a School Rep?

Last year I was the Physics Department Rep where my job was to chair SSCs (Student-Staff Committee meetings) and support academic reps in discussing their course with academics.

Being an academic rep is a very fulfilling role. It allows you to speak for your peers and colleagues to improve your overall experience with education.

Following on from my time as department rep I wanted to continue to focus on student experience and school-wide change that would be useful for current and future students.

Which part of your manifesto are you most excited about?

One thing I really wanted to focus on last year was the increase of lecture capture and making sure that both the lecturer and any extra screens/whiteboards/blackboards were captured alongside each other. With the changes that the Coronavirus pandemic has bought on, I will continue work in this area, making sure that all students receive complete access to all lecture materials.

I would also like to continue exploring options for cross-department collaborations, be that extra-curricular activities, or through academic societies.

What are you most looking forward to this coming academic year?

I am very excited to get back on campus and get involved with as much as I possibly can. With the numerous sports and societies, the opportunities are truly endless!