Navigate Campus with Our Walking Tours

Your Sabbatical Officers, Henn, Maia, Alice and Alex have been busy filming some walking tours to help you get to loads of places around campus.

Hello and welcome to Royal Holloway! We hope you have had an amazing Freshers’ Festival and have finally got some sleep!

You might now be thinking that it’s time to get to Tesco so that dinner is more than pasta or beans on toast, figure out where the GP Surgery is, or locate the gender-neutral toilets.

We know that it’s quite daunting moving to a new place – you don’t know where anything is or what the heck ‘back gate’ or ‘Spine Road’ even mean.

So, we covered:

They will be on our SU Instagram page saved as one of our highlights, on the SU website and on our YouTube page for you to check out whenever you need a bit of a guide to get somewhere.

All the routes are fully accessible so there’s no need to worry about trying to find different routes, I road-tested them myself to make sure me and my chair can get there.

We hope these Walking Tours are helpful and if there are any more places you’d like a video for just let us know!