New Menu In Tommy’s Kitchen

As we close in on the start of term, we thought we’d let you know Tommy’s Kitchen has a new menu!

You might have noticed your favourite burger bar has been getting a makeover this summer. Well we have even better news for you - we’ve bulked up the burger menu to give you even greater choice, with a number of vegetarian and vegan additions.

While some items have been taken off the menu, you’ll still be able to get your hands on a potato dog (phew) and the award-winning pies from Pieminister. We’ve also added a breakfast menu (and a banging ‘Bap and a Brew’ deal), so if you’re looking for an early morning pick-me-up, Tommy’s is the place to be!


View The Menu


Food Service Times

  • Breakfast: 9am-12pm (‘Bap and a Brew’ deal available 9am-11am)
  • Main Menu: 11am-7pm

Cheapest Coffee On Campus

Last month the College introduced a 20p charge to all hot drinks purchased in a disposable cup in their outlets across campus, in a bid to discourage us all from using single-use disposable cups, many of which are not biodegradable.

We’ve decided to take a more radical approach and have slashed the price of our hot drinks, to offer the cheapest coffee on campus at just £1.00. These prices have been drawn up based on our customers using reusable cups, as we’re pretty keen to do our bit for the Earth.

Clem Jones, your SU president for 2018/19, is super passionate about tackling climate change, and ensuring we reduce our environmental impact. Much like Paddy McGuinness, we’re putting the power in your hands, as we let you decide how much you want to charge customers who use a disposable cup. Will it be 20p or 50p? It’s your call! Read more and cast your vote in Clem’s blog article.

Price Increase

As a charity, we need to make sure that we balance the books to ensure we are operating in a sustainable way. Unfortunately this means that we sometimes have to make some tough decisions regarding our prices. While we have introduced discounted tickets for our club night events through the app, we have had to increase the price of some food and drinks in Tommy’s.

We’re not here to pull the wool over your eyes, and we always like to be transparent and honest with you in everything we do. That’s why we believe it’s the right thing to be up front with you about these rises instead of trying to sneak them in.

So what are the reasons for this increase?

  1. Apart from VKs, we haven't increased the price of our products since we opened three years ago. The cost of purchasing products has naturally increased in this time, meaning we have simply absorbed these costs. For example, did you know that the cost of sweet potato fries has increased by 40% in the last three years?!
  2. We have been hit by an increase in staff costs, due to the rise of the National Minimum Wage which has increased from £6.70 in 2015 up to £7.83 (an increase of 16.9%). When you employ over 400 part-time staff members, this obviously has quite a significant impact.
  3. Overhead costs (contract cleaning, security, pensions etc.) have also increased by inflation at approximately 2% per annum.
  4. In fact, inflation affects the price of pretty much everything meaning costs always rise year on year. 

Remember, we’re a not-for-profit charity and any surplus we do generate through our trading services goes towards funding things like our Advice Centre and student groups. You can find a broad overview of our finances: our budget, how decisions are taken, and what the impact of those decisions might be on our Value For Money page.