Oh My Gosh, It's The AGM!

What is an AGM?

The AGM, or Annual General Meeting (sometimes just called a General Meeting) is essentially what it says on the tin. It’s a meeting. It happens once a year, every year (20 February this year).

And it’s there so that we can discuss…. general stuff? Well, it’s a little more specific than that. At every AGM, there are a set few things we have to do. Each of the Sabbatical Officers gives an update on their year so far, what they’ve been up to, and what their plans are for the coming months.

Then there’s the general Union update, usually delivered by the CEO, and finally there’s the ever exciting finance review, where we announce how we’ve been spending (or not spending) our money. It’s a chance for you guys to hold us to account, but also to get a better idea of how we operate.

Here’s this year’s agenda:

1. Introduction

2. Officer Report

3. Councils Reports

Reports from Councils

4. Students' Union Update and Finances

- Finances Report 16/17

5. Motions

- Motion to Back UCU Industrial Action in Pensions Dispute

6. Any Other Business


Did I hear something about the strikes?

Yes! As with every All Student Meeting, students can submit motions to be discussed and voted on. This time a motion has been submitted surrounding whether or not the Students’ Union should fully support the lecturers and college staff striking with the UCU. You can read the full motion here.


Who can attend an AGM?

Anyone! If you hold a committee or elected position, then it’s part of your role to attend the AGM and you will be expected to attend, but even if you’re not, we’d seriously recommend you come along. This is your chance to voice your opinions face to face with your Sabbatical Officers and the leaders of the Students’ Union.