50+ Lockdown Activity Ideas

VP Societies & Sport Lucy Brown has put together a list of over 50 ideas for different activities that you can do during lockdown to ensure you stay entertained and make the best out of this month! She has some amazing and creative suggestions, so make sure you check them out!

It is rather upsetting to be facing lockdown again, BUT we have done it before and we will get through it again!
As a way of helping you through the next few weeks, I have pulled together some ideas to save you from the dreaded Zoom quiz.

Engaging with friends and communities online can be beneficial to your wellbeing by providing a community to interact with, and activities to engage with outside of a lockdown routine.

However, make sure to look after yourself throughout this time and only get involved if you feel up to it - online activities can be just as draining as physical ones, so don’t overdo it!

Royal Hideaway

At the start of the first national lockdown back in March, we launched Royal Hideaway, a Facebook page that we created to keep the Royal Holloway community together and stay in touch with one another. We also ran different online events, like workout sessions or quizzes.

Thousands of students joined, and it made lockdown just that little bit easier! So we are so excited to be re-launching Royal Hideaway for this new lockdown period!

We are determined to support one another and develop our strong campus community spirit online, much like during the last lockdown. As before, we will be posting fun updates and top tips for getting through, as well as a few surprises!

This group is for all of us, so please send us any suggestions, connect with people and share the positive-tea.

Apologies in advance for any crazy ideas!

Lockdown Group Highlight

Every week, I will be giving one student group a shoutout on social media for hosting a creative and engaging online activity.

If you are looking for something to get involved with, this will be a great place to start looking! 

More ideas for online activities


Steps count challenge/competition 

  • Which person in your friendship group does the most steps?
  • Why not use Moves+, which allows you to set up a group with your friends and compete against each other

Fitness challenge

Celebrity workout challenge

  • Find some workout challenges from your favourite celebrities!


  • Set up an online debate
  • Do a language competition
  • Start a book club with your friends and family
  • Create a study group
  • Host a documentary watch party
  • Learn something new/pick a topic to educate yourself in

Food & Drink

  • Get creative with a cookalong
  • Attend an online home-barista masterclass
  • Get involved in a cooking competition 
  • Do an online pizza party! Who can make the best-looking pizza from scratch?
  • Find a cocktail masterclass you can do online with your mates
  • Host a coffee morning
  • Host afternoon tea
  • Host a wine or alcohol tasting session (where everyone brings whatever they have!)
  • Host a food tasting
  • Make a gingerbread house
  • Get a few households together over Zoom and have an indoor BBQ


  • Find an online escape room (or create your own physical version for your housemates!)
  • Get quizzical in Kahoot
  • Play Murder Mystery
  • Play Truth or Dare
  • Host a film watch party, online or with your housemates! (Getting everyone to virtually press play at the exact time is an entire activity on its own!)
  • Play bingo
  • Find or host a treasure hunt
  • Play Pass it On
  • Create an online city tour of your home country (everyone picks a city and do the tour over Zoom)
  • Make your own self-care kit 
  • Camp in your room/garden
  • Make a fort (you can even turn it into a competition against your friends to build the biggest, fanciest, most aesthetic fort!)
  • Play Would I Lie to You? (the game AND the song)
  • Play Among Us (it’s free to download on your phone)
  • Play Read My Lips: one person turns off the microphone and reads out three phrases. Everyone reads their lips, writes down what they think they see, and reads it out
  • Play Guess Who?: Everyone submits a surprising or random fact about themselves that other people may not know. Schedule a call to read these out and guess who submitted it
  • Attend an online group trip to an animal sanctuary: set up a Zoom call and have one person share their screen
  • Make your own mini-golf course: put a saucepan at the end and try to get a hole in one!
  • Get sporty in a match watch party
  • Buddy up: remember that you can meet one other person outside and socially distanced to kick a ball around, or go for a walk or run

Music and Art

  • Host a lip sync battle
  • Create a playlist to send to a friend
  • Host an open mic night
  • Pre-record a singalong
  • Live stream a concert or DJ set 
  • Attend a virtual art fair
  • Attend a life drawing class
  • Do a photography competition
  • Create some funky costumes
  • Play Pictionary
  • Host a poetry reading

I hope these ideas have given you a little bit of motivation to make the best out of this lockdown and stay entertained. There is always something great that you can do!